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Following the recent successful launch of its popular M Range of ‘mini’ progressing cavity (PC) pumps onto the European market, NOV® Mono® is now inviting applications from companies operating in France who wish to become stockists and resellers for the product.

“The response we received to the launch has been extremely encouraging, particularly from the French market, so we are now looking to strengthen our distribution network and increase the number of M Range outlets we have in France,” explains NOV Mono Key Account Manager, Ian Davies. The Mono M Range includes a variety of highly versatile, general purpose, small-to-medium sized capacity PC pumps, which offer an ideal off-the-shelf solution for a wide range of both domestic and industrial uses. They incorporate a precision-engineered rotor which rotates eccentrically inside a resilient double-helix stator, to create a series of moving cavities which carry the pumped media from the suction point through to discharge.

A combination of the stainless steel rotor and an abrasion and chemical resistant stator allow the M Range to handle many types of liquid, including those that are highly viscous or which have solids in suspension. The self-priming nature of the pumps – and their ability to achieve suction lifts of up to 8 metres – further increases the range of applications to which they can be applied.

“The M Range pumps had proven to be extremely popular in the UK long before we launched into Europe,” adds Ian Davies. “In domestic use they have performed extremely well in such applications as water supply, irrigation duties and emptying of waste tanks. In the industrial arena they have been successful in numerous sectors such as food and beverage, waste handling, chemical processing and oil transfer duties.”

Les pompes de la gamme M sont disponibles avec différentes alimentations en tension, ce qui élargit la gamme des applications potentielles. Leur capacité de pression en bars 3.45 est supérieure à celle d’une pompe centrifuge comparable. Leur conception permet un démontage rapide et facile, et tout entretien peut être effectué sans compétences ni outils particuliers.

“We had received some very encouraging feedback from a small number of European customers who had experience of the M range pumps prior to their launch,” Ian added. “We knew that there was tremendous potential for this type of pump in the wider European market and so it’s not surprising that the response to the launch has been so positive.”

Les parties intéressées sont priées de contacter Gabriel Kieser, NOV Mono, 56, rue du Pont, 88300 Rebeuville, France. T: + 33 (0) 3 29 94 26 88 E: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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